Research Committee


  • To advance all aspects of research in the Department of Medical Imaging.


  • To provide direction and guidance on all research-related aspects in the Department of Medical Imaging, including research strategy, short-term and long-term research goals, collaborative research grants, and research awards.
  • To champion the process of fostering and augmenting research in the Department of Medical Imaging.
  • To review and provide input for all documents of the Department of Medical Imaging that pertain to research.
  • To organize and facilitate research-related events, including the Resident Research Day and Research Symposia.
  • To select candidates for research awards and grants.
  • To assist in the Continuing Faculty Appointment Reviews as needed.
  • To represent the Research Committee in other Committees and departmental endeavors as needed.
  • To facilitate outreach to other Departments in the University of Toronto and to local, national and international research endeavors and consortia

Medical Imaging Research Committee - Terms of Reference (.pdf)



Research Committee

Name Role  Division
Alan Moody Chair, UT Medical Imaging Cardiothoracic
Angela Atinga Sunnybrook Representative MSK
Alex Bilbily Sunnybrook Representative Nuclear Medicine
Andrea Doria Vice-Chair, CPi Pediatric Imaging
Vivianne Freitas JDMI Representative Breast Imaging
Sangeet Ghai Research Lead, JDMI Abdominal Imaging
Mary-Louise Greer The Hospital for Sick Children Representative Pediatric Imaging
Kate Hanneman JDMI Representative Cardiothoracic Imaging
Chinthanka Heyn Research Lead, Sunnybrook Neuroradiology
Pejman Maralani Sunnybrook Representative Neuroradiology
Sebastian Mafeld JDMI Representative Vascular Interventional Radiology
Naomi Matsuura Catapult Program  
Chris McIntosh AI Chair, JDMI  
Farzad Khalvati AI Chair, The Hospital for Sick Children  
Masoom Haider Head - Radiomics and Machine Learning Lab at Mount Sinai Hospital  
Errol Colak AI Chair, St. Michael Hospital/Unity Health  
Pascal Tyrrell Director, Data Science  
Blair Warren Diagnostic Radiology Resident Representative  
Arjan Dhoot Medical Student, University of Toronto