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Department of Medical Imaging
263 McCaul Street, 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1W7
Phone: (416) 978-6801
Fax: (416) 978-6915

The Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto, is the oldest academic imaging department in Canada and one of the oldest in North America, appointing the first Chair of Radiology in 1919, less than 25 years after the discovery of the X-ray. Since then the Department has grown to become an early adopter of every new technological breakthrough occurring in this young and vital specialty. Today the Department boasts over 200 faculty members, 60 residents and 90 fellows. It is invested in eight clinical divisions and affiliated with 17 hospital sites across Toronto. Within the faculty, there are more than 70 associate and full professors and over 20 basic or clinician scientists. Making sure all runs smoothly day-to-day are seven administrative staff, without whom the Department would grind to a halt.

For the Department to achieve maximum impact our academic strategies must closely align with those of the University. In the last few years the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) has defined its course with new academic and research strategic plans. These have given clear indications of the direction we need to take. The academic imperatives of education and research are framed by the requisites of innovation, integration and impact, and an overall vision of improving health. Following the launch of our own strategic plan (Building for the Future 2013-2018) we have been following a predefined course. The next few years leading up to 2018 will therefore require careful review of what we have achieved, what is ongoing and what still needs to be done.  Renewed focus will then guide our priorities to help achieve the building of a Departmental 'foundation'.  Using this platform will position the department to facilitate more expansive and visionary strategic planning for the future.