For more information regarding details of the University of Toronto's MD Program medical education curriculum, please visit the MD Program website

Undergraduate Electives

Medical students who wish to apply for a Medical Imaging Electives must follow the regulations outlined by the Undergraduate Electives Office. 

For further information regarding elective options please see the MedSIS website.

Transition to Residency

The radiology curriculum provides a number of optional radiology review lectures as a part of its transition to a residency program. These are designed to ensure final year medical students have the important core radiologist skills valuable for any residency program before moving to their new roles as residents. We cover the interpretation of common imaging studies used in the practice of family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, and pediatrics along with guidelines on what types of studies should be ordered for common indications and when. 

For more information regarding selectives, please see the Transition to Residency Program page.