Message from the Chair

Announcement - 2020 Medical Imaging Centenary Fund Raising Campaign.

Photo of Dr. Alan Moody
Dr. Alan Moody, Chair

As we gear up to celebrate the Department of Medical Imaging’s centenary in 2020, I hope you’ll join me in both reflecting on our collective achievements— and investing in the next 100 years through our recently launched 2020 Medical Imaging Centenary fund raising campaign.

Toronto has become one of the major centres worldwide for Artificial Intelligence, and innovations in Machine Learning are rapidly making their way into clinical practice providing significant opportunity for our Department to play a strategic role in harnessing these tools to enhance patient care.

As radiologists, we possess in depth “subject matter expertise” as well as access to vast quantities of data – two of the major building blocks for success in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. However, to take advantage of this opportunity I believe we need to invest in the technical experts – the computer and data scientists - who can collaborate with us, helping to undertake imaging projects which are defined, and considered important by radiologists.