Jun 24, 2024

Meet Diagnostic Radiology Resident Dr. Mahtab Mojtahed Zadeh

Headshot, Dr. Mahtab Zadeh

We’re wrapping up our Education Spotlight on the Department of Medical Imaging’s Diagnostic Radiology (DR) Residency Program this month with our last resident spotlight, Dr. Mahtab Mojtahed Zadeh, a PGY3 resident whose pursuit of radiology has been in her mother’s footsteps.

Having harbored an interest in medicine since a young age, Dr. Zadeh credits her mother’s dedicated work as a radiologist during her own residency for her passion for medical imaging. After immersing herself in medical education as she completed her Medical Doctorate at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran, Dr. Zadeh developed a deep passion for the diagnostic aspects and clinical puzzle-solving in medicine, ultimately choosing to train in diagnostic radiology.

“When deciding between internal medicine and radiology as my specialty, I was drawn to the dynamic nature and diverse pathologies encountered in radiology on a daily basis,” Dr. Zadeh says. “This choice has proven to be immensely fulfilling, as each day reinforces my belief in the value and gratification of pursuing a career in radiology.”

While she enjoys the diversity and intricacies of radiology, Dr. Zadeh notes that the excitement and breadth of knowledge can also be a challenge. “The highlight of radiology – its vastness and depth, coupled with frequent rotations between multiple sites – also presents its greatest challenge,” she says. “The sheer volume can be overwhelming. Becoming effective radiologists requires unwavering dedication, consistency, and perseverance. As a radiology resident, it’s important to focus on the journey, continually learning and celebrating small achievements along the way, as we work towards mastering our field.”

Currently, Dr. Zadeh has completed three years of residency and is looking forward to building on her strong foundation of knowledge as she heads into her final two years. Specifically, she’s excited to continue learning from experienced radiologists and industry experts, rotating through different hospital sites to further discover the areas of radiology she most enjoys. She plans to use her last two years as a resident to shape her future career in radiology.

“The DR Residency program is an excellent place to train as a radiologist, especially with the amount of exposure we get at multiple major hospitals, and it’s giving me the opportunity to envision my future practice more vividly” Dr. Zadeh says. “The UofT Diagnostic Radiology program offers exceptional support, extensive training and opportunities for greater learning. There’s nothing more one could ask for to become a proficient radiologist.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Zadeh is excited to continue learning and living in Toronto, having moved here from Iran, now that her brother and other friends have joined her in the city, helping her build a robust community throughout her studies and into her career. She has developed a deep passion for abdominal imaging throughout her time in residency and has recently taken a new interest in women’s imaging as well. Similar to the initial fork Dr. Zadeh faced when choosing between internal medicine and radiology, she faces a similar choice for when her residency is over.

“I’m currently contemplating the two subspecialties for my fellowship, but afterward, I’m hoping to embark on my dream job as a radiologist here in Toronto, which has been a very welcoming home to me.”