Biostatistics in a Nutshell

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Introduction to statistics for medicine (biostatistics). This 0.25 FCE course (MSC1107H) is primarily for students in a MSc, PhD, or residency/ fellowship program that has a requirement of data analysis. Students learn about important fundamental statistical principles by studying the analysis of real data. These analyses introduce students to the following four outcome variables:

  • Continuous: serum cholesterol, BMI and FVC
  • Binary: death or cure yes/no
  • Count: number of deaths, number of cures
  • Survival time: time to death, time to cure

The course will include the statistics of diagnostic accuracy and agreement, two important tools in medical research. Students must complete an analysis of data collected during their program. Topics of discussion:

  • Paired and unpaired proportions
  • Paired and unpaired means
  • Frequency data and diagnostic tests
  • Statistical design
  • Agreement