onSIDE Committee

The purpose of the committee on Support, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (onSIDE) is to create and promote a healthy, respectful and supportive work and learning environment that cultivates and aligns with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We hope to build a culture that values diversity in thought that comes from a diverse workforce, recognizing the value of diversity for future innovation and growth of our department and empowering us to provide high-quality care for our diverse patient populations.

We aim to:

  • Promote inclusion to show respect and value to our medical imaging community members and create a sense of belonging. 
  • Identify sources of systemic bias and discrimination in our work and learning environments and aim to dismantle these and to provide support, particularly for those have unearned disadvantage. 
  • Build a work and learning environment that is fair and supportive for all. To curate, develop and promote wellness resources and support services for faculty and trainees and to create a work and learning environment where asking for help is encouraged and facilitated.

Committee Members

Name Role Division
Elsie Nguyen Committee Chair/Vice-Chair, onSIDE Cardiothoracic
Michael Patlas Chair, UT Medical Imaging Emergency
Tanya Chawla JDMI Representative Abdominal
Helen Cheung Sunnybrook Representative Abdominal
Tim Dowdell Radiologist-In-Chief, St. Michaels Hospital/Unity Health Musculoskeletal
Birgit Ertl-Wagner Vice-Chair, Research Pediatrics/Neuroradiology
Phyllis Glanc Vice-Chair, CPD Abdominal
Jennifer Fratesi JDMI Representative Cardiothoracic
Kate Hanneman JDMI Representative Cardiothoracic
Neil Issac North York General Hospital/Community Representative General Radiology
Laura Jimenez-Juan St. Michael's Hospital/Unity Health Representative Cardiothoracic
Ania Kielar CAR/JDMI Representative Abdominal
Ravi Mohan JDMI Representative Nuclear Medicine
Derek Muradali St. Michael's Hospital/Unity Health Breast
Linda Probyn Vice-Chair, Education Musculoskeletal
Heidi Schmidt Radiologist-In-Chief, JDMI Cardiothoracic
Manohar Shroff Radiologist-In-Chief, The Hospital for Sick Children Pediatric Neuroradiology
Sean Symons Radiologist-In-Chief, Sunnybrook  Neuroradiology
Lima Awad El-Karim Chair. Diagnostic Radiology Resident EDI Committee  
Jaspreet Bajwa Vice-Chair, Diagnostic Radiology Resident EDI Committee  
Hadas Benhabib Diagnostic Radiology Resident Representative  
Sabrina Fitzgerald Medical Student Representative  
Grace Grafham Medical Student Representative  
Hayley McKee Medical Student Representative