Research Rising Star Award

The Research Rising Star Award is presented to a Junior Faculty member who, within 10 years of their first faculty appointment, has demonstrated exceptional excellence in research.  

Photograph of Dr. Kate Hanneman and Dr. Pejman Maralani

2021-2022 Research Rising Star Awardees

Dr. Kate Hanneman

Dr. Kate Hanneman is a Cardiothoracic Imaging Radiologist at the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) and an Associate Professor within the Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto.  Dr. Hanneman is also the Site Director at Women’s College Hospital and the Director of Cardiac Imaging Research at JDMI. 

Since joining the department in 2015, Dr. Hanneman has established herself as a Research Rising Star; she has an h-index of 19 with 91 documents and 1160 citations.   Dr. Hanneman has built a reputation for herself nationally and internationally by advancing the knowledge in cardiac imaging. Dr. Hanneman’s principal research interests relate to evaluation of the clinical utility of new cardiovascular imaging techniques and the use of cardiac MRI to improve the outcomes of patients with cardiomyopathies. 

Dr. Pejman Maralani

Dr. Pejman Maralani is a Neuroradiologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and an Associate Professor within the Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto.   Dr. Maralani is also an Affiliate Scientist at the Sunnybrook Research Institute and a member of the Sunnybrook Research Ethics Board. Dr Maralani has recently stepped down as Neuroradiology Residency Program Director after a successful tenure and has recently been named the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2022 William R. Eyler Editorial Fellow. 

Since joining the department in 2013, Dr. Maralani has established himself as a Research Rising Star; he has an h-index of 20 with 66 documents and 1143 citations. Dr. Maralani’s primary research activities focus on different applications of advanced MRI techniques in neuro-oncology, particularly in the prediction of outcome for brain and spine tumors.