Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CFAR)

All new full-time clinical faculty appointed to the Department of Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto are required to complete a Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CFAR). Reviews are typically completed at the beginning of your fourth year. A successful review will mean that you will be transferred to a continuing appointment.


  • Candidates who are required to complete their CFAR will be notified of the review process and required documentation.
  • The Department will confirm the members of the CFAR review committee when you are notified of your review. Your review panel will include the Department Chair and your Radiologist-in-Chief unless scheduling does not permit. You will be informed of any changes to the panel.
  • Faculty will be required to complete the Conflict-of-Interest webform to confirm there are no conflicts with the CFAR review panelists within two weeks of receiving the committee membership list.
  • The CFAR review panelists likewise declare any conflicts of interest with the relevant faculty member who is undergoing review.
  • Faculty will submit required documentation (see below) to the Department 1-2 months ahead of their scheduled reviews. You will be informed of the submission due date.
  • CFAR reviews are held in both the Spring and the Fall; meetings will be approximately one hour in length.
  • Recommendations will be forwarded to the Department Appointments Committee upon completion of the review meeting with recommendations to the Dean.

Required Documentation

Candidates are required to submit the following to

  • Covering letter, addressed to the Department Chair, that provides an account of your academic work completed or undertaken since your initial appointment.
  • Letter of support from your University Division Director.
  • One additional letter of support from a UT Medical Imaging colleague, either of senior academic rank or holding a leadership position. Your review panelists may not act as referees.
  • An updated copy of your CV in WebCV format - WebCV template (docx).
  • Completed Conflict of Interest form, which will be emailed to each candidate.

CFAR documents will be reviewed by the CFAR Committee and the Department Appointments Committee to inform the Chair’s recommendation to the Dean. The Dean’s Office (Human Resources and the Dean’s Delegate) will also be able to access the documentation as part of their review and final approval of the Chair’s recommendation.


If you have any questions regarding CFAR please contact