CFD membership program

The Centre for Faculty Development launched in the Fall 2022 the new CFD membership program.

Through membership, our Temerty Medicine community will continue to enjoy several of the same previous benefits and more, through their affiliation with the CFD. However, there are a couple new steps we need you to take to get enrolled as a member and to take advantage of the benefits of membership:

  1. Ensure that you have created a CFD account.  You may have done this already if you have accessed our programming over the past academic year. To create or log into your CFD account
  2. Unless you teach within one of our CFD programs, you will be eligible for General membership. General membership is free to Temerty Medicine learners, staff, faculty (including status only), and patient/family partners.  Now in our new General Membership category, you gain access to two free workshops each academic year (September 1 to June 30th), along with other new perks of membership. For general membership go to the CFD membership registration page

To learn more about our CFD membership program, please visit:

For additional questions or comments specific to our membership program, contact us at