Professors Emeriti

Professor Emeritus or Emerita is an honourary title bestowed upon retirement to faculty members who have reached senior professorial level (i.e., Associate Professor or Full Professor). Professor Emeritus/Emerita status is not automatically granted, nor is it guaranteed upon application. Those interested in Professor Emeritus or Emerita status must apply for the designation and they must be retired; faculty members may be neither active staff at a teaching hospital nor full-time clinical faculty members.

The application process to apply for the title of Professor Emeritus or Emerita is as follows.

  1. The faculty member should request a letter of support from his/her Radiologist-in-Chief. This request should include the retirement date, i.e., the last day worked, copying on the request.
  2. The Radiologist-in-Chief submits a formal letter to the Department Chair in support of the emeritus/emerita request.
  3. The Department Chair reviews the request and if it is supported, submits a formal request to the Dean’s Office. 
  4. The Dean’s Office submits the request to the Provost, who in turn submits it to the Governing Council.

Due to the level of approvals required, processing times for applications for Professors Emeriti can be quite lengthy, and decisions take several months.             

Further resources

Criteria for the designation of Professor Emeritus or Emerita can be found in the University of Toronto Governing Council Policy on Emeritus/Emerita Status and Section 3.7 of The Procedures Manual for the Policy of Clinical (MD) Faculty.