Master Teacher Award

The Master Teacher Award is presented to faculty in recognition for sustained excellence in teaching and longstanding contributions to the Education Program. They are given to faculty who have sustained teaching excellence (previous teaching awards, teaching and mentorship data). Nominations are not permitted for this award.

2021-2022 Master Teacher Awardees

Dr. Robert Bleakney   Dr. Caitlin McGregor
Assistant Professor - MSK - JDMI/Mount Sinai Hospital   Assistant Professor - Abdominal Imaging - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Alan Daneman   Dr. Walter Montanera
Professor - Pediatric Imaging - The Hospital for Sick Children   Associate Professor - Neuroradiology - St. Michael Hospital/Unity Heath
Dr. Anthony Hanbidge   Dr. Martin O’Malley
Professor - Abdominal Imaging - JDMI/Toronto Western Hospital   Professor - Abdominal Imaging - JDMI/Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Dr. Nasir Jaffer    Dr. Gordon Weisbrod
Professor - Abdominal Imaging - JDMI/Mount Sinai Hospital   Professor - Cardiothoracic Imaging - JDMI/Toronto General Hospital

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