The University of Toronto, Temerty Medicine Departments of Medical Imaging, Orthopedic Surgery and General Surgery are pleased to announce the soft-launch of our new mentoring and research collaboration website, MentorUofT While we are deploying this now throughout departmental faculty, we will be including resident and fellow trainees in the months ahead to fully enable mentorship and research collaboration.

This mentorship platform can be thought of as “LinkedIn” for our Departmental communities, connecting faculty and trainees across hospitals for finding and giving secondary mentorship, collaborating on research interests/finding new projects, and general work and non-work discussion/connections. Each faculty in this platform has a user profile, and can edit their biographical information (including research interests, areas of mentorship, faculty rank, specialty, medical school, etc.), upload a photo of themselves, etc. This can allow others to find you in the member directory and request a connection or message you directly on this platform. This can also be used to search out mentors in specific areas they have agreed to mentor in, find research collaborators across the system, and much more. Through this, we hope to foster a dynamic cross-institution mentorship culture and facilitate research collaborations.

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