Administration Directory

Department of Medical Imaging
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
263 McCaul Street - 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1W7 Canada
Phone: 416-978-6801 

Administrative Organisational Chart (PDF)

Business & Administration

Photograph of Janine Hubbard

Janine Hubbard (she/her) Business Manager

Business Manager


  • Departmental Duties
  • Administrative support requests
  • Department's Human Resources and Space Planning
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and reporting
  • Expense reimbursements, invoices, faculty stipends
  • Oversight of Strategic Initiatives - Dependent Scholarship Forms
Picture of Alison Clute

Alison Clute (she/her) Department Assistant


  • Meeting requests for Dr. Alan Moody

Administrative support for:

  • Vice-Chair, Continuing Professional Development portfolio
  • Vice-Chair, Clinical Practice Improvement portfolio
  • Vice-Chair, on Support, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity portfolio
  • Administration of the Continuing Medical Education program and administrative support to the Director, Continuing Medical Education

Education Programs

Photograph of Ms Fiona Caprani - Education Programs Officer

Fiona Caprani (she/her) Education Programs Officer


  • Support for Education Executive
  • Learners in Difficulty
  • Learner Assessment of Clinical Training Reporting
  • Competence by Design Rollout

Photograph of Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris (she/her) Education Program Assistant


Administrative support for:

  • Nuclear Medicine Residency Program
  • Undergraduate Programming and the Director, Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Neuroradiology Residency and Fellowship Program

Photogragh of Rufeyda Wise

Rufeyda Wise (she/her) Program Coordinator - Diagnostic Radiology Program


  • Diagnostic Radiology Electives
  • Application Inquiries
  • Academic Half Day
  • Rotation Scheduling
  • Letter Requests
  • OSCEs and Mock Orals
  • Diagnostic Radiology Training Verifications
Photograph of Ms. Ruby Chandrasegaram

Ruby Chandrasegaram (she/her) Program Support - Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology


Administrative support for:

  • Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program
  • Interventional Radiology Residency Program

Photograph of Sarah Bakhit

Sarah Bakhit (she/her) Fellowship Program Assistant


  • Fellowship Applications
  • Fellowship Appointments and Reappointments
  • Administrative support for the Director, Fellowship Programs
  • Fellowship Training Verifications

Academic Appointments & Promotions

Photograph of Eileen Brosnan

Eileen Brosnan (she/her) Academic Appointments & Promotion Coordinator


  • Academic Appointments (Full Time, Part Time, Adjunct and Status Only)
  • CPSO Reviews (Academic Restricted Registration)
  • Continuing Faculty Appointment Review
  • Letters of support for Graduate and IMS Appointments, and Cross Appointments
  • Junior and Senior Promotions

Communications & Strategic Planning

Photograph of Gary Cronin

Gary Cronin (he/him) Communication & Strategic Planning Officer


  • Media Inquiries
  • Departmental Communications (website, weekly update, and newsletter)
  • Annual Reports & Strategic Priorities
  • Divisional Rounds
  • Support for Executive & Research Committee(s)

General Enquiries

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