E.L Lansdown Teaching Award

The award is in honour of Dr. Ted Lansdown, Chair of Radiology from 1974 to 1984, and is to be given to the faculty member selected as an exemplary teacher by the radiology residents.

Photograph of Dr. Daniel Mandell

2021-2022 E. L. Lansdown Teaching Awardee

Dr. Daniel Mandell

Dr. Daniel Mandell is a Neuroradiologist at the Joint Department of Medical Imaging – Toronto Western Hospital and Associate Professor within the Department of Medical Imaging.  In addition, Dr. Mandell is an Associate Member of the Institute of Medical Science and is the University of Toronto Departmental Division Lead for Neuroradiology. 

Dr. Mandell is an exemplary teacher; he is actively involved with teaching residents and fellows at both the program and hospital level.   His impact as a teacher is demonstrated by the number of Outstanding Teacher Awards he has received from both groups.  Receiving the E.L Lansdown Award is a tremendous accomplishment awarded to the faculty with the best teaching feedback from the residents. 

Dr. Mandell is a very successful invited educational speaker and has presented at some of the foremost educational courses in neuroradiology, including the Radiological Society of North America, American Society of Neuroradiology and the Eastern Neurological Society.   

Past Winners


Name Hospital Year
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Arash Jaberi JDMI 2018
Monique Christakis Sunnybrook 2017
Nasir Jaffer JDMI 2016
Timo Krings JDMI 2015
Pejman Maralani Sunnybrook 2014
Walter Mak St. Michael's Hospital 2013
Anthony Hanbidge JDMI 2012
Robert Bleakney JDMI 2011
Andrea Donovan Sunnybrook 2010
Elsie Nguyen JDMI 2009
Caitlin McGregor Sunnybrook 2008
Walter Montanera St. Michael's Hospital 2007
Edna Becker JDMI 2006
Robert Bleakney JDMI 2005
Damian Maharaj JDMI 2004
Lisa Ehrlich Sunnybrook & Women's College 2003
Tae Bong Chung JDMI 2002
Matthew Lax JDMI 2001
Nasir Jaffer JDMI 2000
Dae-Gyun Chung St. Michael's Hospital 1999
Edna Becker JDMI 1998
Lisa Ehrlich Sunnybrook & Women's College 1997