Eligibility & Application Process


Applications for 2024 open on June 15, 2022 and will close on August 31, 2022.


The candidates must be eligible to take the Royal College exam in diagnostic radiology or be certified by the Royal College in diagnostic radiology. 


The application process for the Pediatric Radiology Residency Program is run at the same time and uses the same application form as fellowship program. The application process starts about two years before the start date of the fellowship.

The below items must be submitted to katherine.mclaren@sickkids.ca by the deadline for application packages. An application is not complete until all references letters have been received by the program.

Candidates can also apply to a pediatric subspecialty fellowships (i.e. Pediatric Neuroradiology, etc) using one single form in case they would like to do a subspecialty fellowship as a second year of training.


The Admissions Committee will review all applications within a few weeks after the deadline and will select a small number of candidates that will be called for a virtual interview. The final decision about acceptance will be made within a few weeks after the interview.