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Photograph of Dr. Robert Moreland

University of Toronto radiology education is integrated into all stages of the undergraduate medical curriculum, and designed to provide students with longitudinal training in the use of medical imaging in modern clinical practice. Our contribution to the pre-clerkship Foundation Curriculum includes a number of core lectures covering the appropriateness guidelines for common imaging studies, along with training in basic image interpretation.   During the Transition to Clerkship program, we provide additional hands-on workshops where students can further practice their clinical radiology skills and develop skills in performing ultrasound examinations.  For our 4th-year students, we offer opportunities in both radiology selectives and electives at the University of Toronto and at partner sites, letting learners further improve their interpretation skills or explore radiology as a career. Finally, our capstone Transition to Residency Program helps learners future to explore aspects of radiology relevant to their particular upcoming clinical placements. 

In addition, we offer both mentoring and research opportunities for students interesting in learning more about radiology. We encourage students to reach out to us for more information on how we can help you explore the field! 

Dr. Rob Moreland MD, MSc, FRCPC (he/him)
Lecturer - Director, Undergraduate Medical Education

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