New Appointments


Clinical faculty hold staff appointments at university-affiliated hospitals.
Full-Time Clinical faculty members are typically staff at one of our fully-affiliated hospitals, while Adjunct Clinical faculty members hold hospital appointments at one of our community-affiliated hospitals. All clinical (MD) academic appointments are governed by the Policy for Clinical Faculty and Procedures Manual for the Policy for Clinical Faculty, available on the Temerty Faculty of Medicine site 

Status-only faculty typically hold non-clinical roles at a university-affiliated hospital or relevant research institute (for example, scientists or other non-clinicians). Their job descriptions are primarily academic (research and teaching). More information about our non-clinical appointment categories can be found on the Temerty Faculty of Medicine site

Appointment categories

Not sure which academic category is right for you? Consult the Temerty Faculty of Medicine's Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an Academic Appointment

Application process

To apply for a Clinical Full-Time, Part-Time or Adjunct academic appointment, complete this form

To apply for a Status Only (i.e. non-clinical) academic appointment, complete this form.

After we receive your application, our appointments coordinator will be in touch to request any necessary documentation. When complete, your application and documents are reviewed by our Department Appointments Committee. Following departmental approval, the appointment goes to the Temerty Faculty of Medicine for final approval.  

For more information about academic appointments with the Department of Medical Imaging, please email