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Dr. Elsie Nguyen - Program Director

Pivoting During the Pandemic

In my last year of being the Undergraduate Medical Imaging Director, my goal was to prepare onboarding documents for the incoming Director, and do everything possible to facilitate a smooth transition and hand-over. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like most businesses and institutions during this pandemic, our University of Toronto undergraduate education program required a pivot and reset. We needed revision of goals and learning objectives, modification of our approach and way of doing things. In person small group imaging workshops gave way to recorded lectures.  However, our medical students needed more interactive learning sessions. As a response to this feedback, we replaced these recorded lectures with  live sessions on Zoom  Radiology teachers began using small breakout room sessions to allow enhanced teacher-student interaction. Polling questions were incorporated in to the educational sessions to stimulate independent thinking and ability to work through unknown imaging cases with real-time feedback.

Due to policies regarding physical distancing during the pandemic, it will likely be some time before in person teaching in large classroom will resume. This pandemic has forced us to reflect on alternative ways to teach using available technology. We are fortunate to have technology that can allow us to teach remotely and help foster a feeling of being together even though physically, we are apart. As educators, we appreciate the challenges that medical students face and we are doing our best to maintain high quality education during this pandemic. As time goes on, we hope to continue to find more ways to improve our content and delivery of our virtual platforms so that ultimately, tomorrow’s education and learning environment will always be better than yesterday’s.