Faculty Promotions

Junior Promotions: 

Junior Promotions are from Lecturer to the rank of Assistant Professor.  

Senior Promotions:

Senior Promotion are from Assistant Professor to the rank of Associate and Full Professor.

Academic Promotion 2017-18

Academic Promotion is based on a candidate’s accomplishments in the following four areas:

  1. Research
  2. Creative Professional Activity (CPA)
  3. Teaching & Education
  4. Administrative Service

There should be at least one area of excellence in addition to excellence in teaching. Applicants commonly ask what is the expectation from the Decanal Committee regarding number of papers, amount of research funding etc. The Decanal Committee does not provide this type of quantitative data. The one quantity they are explicit about is the time between promotions which is usually at least 5 years.  When considering promotion, excellence is the expectation in your chosen area of expertise.

Associate Professors are expected to have at least ‘a national profile’.  Full professors are expected to have ‘a national and international profile’.

Promotion requests are generated by you as an academic faculty member in conjunction with your Radiologist-in-Chief. If you are uncertain as to whether or not it is an appropriate time to be considered for promotion, please contact your Chief and the Chair of the Promotions Committee, Dr. Alan Moody.

STEP 1: Preliminary Consideration of Applications (CLOSED)

If you would like to be considered for promotion this year (and your Chief supports your application), please submit the following as your application:

  1. A detailed Letter of Intent addressed to Dr. Alan Moody, Chair of the Medical Imaging Promotions Committee, stating you would like to be considered for promotion in 2017-18 to the rank of XXX and outlining what specifically qualifies you, in your opinion, for this promotion. Applicants for Associate Professor should highlight their achievements since their previous promotion and their national profile.  Those applying for Full Professor should outline their accomplishments since promotion to Associate Professor and their international profile.  This should relate to the four areas of achievement: research, creative professional activity (CPA), teaching & education, and administrative service. 
  2. Letter of Support from your Chief;     
  3. A copy of your current CV (this must be in the Web-CV format) – Word template for WebCV (doc.)
  4. The completed four data summary sheets (attached)

All of the above items should be sent electronically to suzanne.dalvise@utoronto.ca by no later than Friday, June 30th, 2017.

New checklist for CPA Consideration for Applicant (doc.)

The Departmental Promotions Committee will review all applications submitted to identify those for further consideration.

STEP 2: Preparation of Promotions Dossier

If the Promotions Committee agrees that your application should go forward, you will be notified in writing to prepare and submit an electronic copy of the materials necessary for your Promotions Dossier.

Promotions dossiers now contain a section for each of the four areas of accomplishment listed above (research, creative professional activity, teaching & education  and  administrative service).

The Promotions Manual outlines what needs to be submitted for research, CPA, teaching and administrative service. 

Items to prepare by the end of August 2017:

  • A list of referees, including the names and contact information for 3 external referees (e-mail), 3 internal referees and 3 student referees for the Committee to contact;
  • A Research Statement (approximately 1 page) and a Research Dossier (approx. 5-12 pages);
  • Copies of your 5 most significant publications;
  • A Teaching & Education Dossier (1-10 pages);
  • A CPA Dossier (see attached checklist for things to consider) and an
  • Administrative Services Dossier (if applicable) (approx. 1-12 pages). 

All items should be addressed to the Chair of the Promotions Committee and sent electronically c/o suzanne.dalvise@utoronto.ca.