Medical Imaging Virtual Research Rounds - The Canadian National Breast Screening Trial - Lessons Learned from a Study Gone Wrong

Event Flyer

The University of Toronto, Department of Medical Imaging will be hosting a virtual research rounds, taking place on June 7th, 2022. The rounds will focus on the Canadian National Breast Screening Trial, Dr. Jean Seely (Professor, Dept. of Radiology - University of Ottawa) and Dr. Martin Yaffe (Professor, Dept. of Medical Biophysics – University of Toronto) will lead discussions on what lessons can be learned from this study. 

Session Abstract

We have chosen to review the CNBSS (Canadian National Breast Screening Study) trial in order to share with all engaged in reading or performing research some potential pitfalls which can derail, invalidate or lead to the development of substandard clinical guidelines ultimately affecting patient life quality and longevity. Review of this case study is intended to aid in understanding the pitfalls and potential consequences of suboptimal trial design, registration and analysis.

This discussion should be relevant to all who read, analyze or work in research fields. In particular, for those who wish to participate or lead prospective trials or use the data from major trials published, the lessons learnt from this case study will inform and direct future practices.

This panel discussion will entertain questions and open discussions about the practice, publication and evaluation of prospective major trials. 

Session Objectives

1. To understand why this real-life trial applies to all research done and to help avoid similar pitfalls.
2. To summarize the major flaws of the CNBSS trials and why screening policies should NOT be based on its results.
3. To understand the most important reasons for early detection of breast cancer and why the CNBSS results did not meet these objectives.

Virtual - Zoom
Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
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