Dr. Daniel Mandell

Head, Division of Neuroimaging

The Division of Neuroimaging at the University of Toronto includes activities in both diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologic techniques. The emphasis during the residency training program is geared towards the development of diagnostic skills while during the fellowship program skill and capabilities in both diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology are emphasized. Residents in Radiology will, during their 4-year program, rotate for a minimum of 4 months through Neuroradiology and may elect to spend additional time (2-12 months) in Neuroradiology during their final year of training. Residents in Neuroradiology are given specific goals and objectives as well as a reading list during their rotation. Having completed their rotation through Neuroradiology, residents will be capable of performing neuroradiological diagnostic interpretations in various modalities, such as plain films, computed tomography and MRI examinations. They will also be capable of carrying out related neuroradiological procedures such as myelography and have been exposed to neuroangiographic diagnostic and interventional techniques.

There are weekly Neuroradiology rounds at the individual teaching hospitals, weekly City-wide rounds in Neuro MRI are held at the Toronto Western Hospital and didactic lectures in Neuroradiology are given to all Radiology residents during their first and second year of training.

The division offers a two-year fellowship program in Diagnostic Neuroradiology coordinated through the University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging and based at the Toronto Western Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, St. Michael's Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Hospital for Sick Children. This advanced training program fosters understanding, research and practice in all aspects of neuroimaging including: pediatric, head and neck, spine imaging as well as functional neuroimaging and spectroscopy.

The division also offers a 1- or 2-year fellowship program in Interventional Neuroradiology based at either the Toronto Western Hospital or St. Michael's Hospital for those individuals who already have completed their diagnostic neuroradiology training and are interested in pursuing a career in Interventional neuroradiology.