May 28, 2022

End-to-End Deep Learning Approach for Perfusion Data: A Proof-of-Concept Study to Classify Core Volume in Stroke CT

Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)
Andreas Mittermeier, Paul Reidler, Matthias P Fabritius, Balthasar Schachtner, Philipp Wesp, Birgit Ertl-Wagner, Olaf Dietrich, Jens Ricke, Lars Kellert, Steffen Tiedt, Wolfgang G Kunz, Michael Ingrisch
(1) Background: CT perfusion (CTP) is used to quantify cerebral hypoperfusion in acute ischemic stroke. Conventional attenuation curve analysis is not standardized and might require input from expert users, hampering clinical application. This study aims to bypass conventional tracer-kinetic analysis with an end-to-end deep learning model to directly categorize patients by stroke core volume from raw, slice-reduced CTP data. (2) Methods: In this retrospective analysis, we included patients with...