Assistant Professor

Navneet Singh

Cardiothoracic Imaging

B.H.Sc. Hon, MD, MPH, Ph.D., FRCPC

Community Hospital - Trillium Health Partners
100 Queensway West, Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5B 1B8
Research Interests
Cardiac Imaging, CT, MRI, Vascular
Appointment Status

Research Interests: Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular Risk and Outcomes, CT/MR Imaging, Inflammation, Quantitative Biomarkers

Our research group focuses on the quantification of medical imaging biomarkers paired with artificial intelligence and radiomics signatures for the identification and prediction of disease. Active projects include deep learning quantification of coronary inflammation from cardiac CT for the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease and precision imaging in nodal metastases. The group has a particular interest in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion of marginalized, minority. and other underrepresented patients in research. Dr. Singh is certified by the Royal College Clinician Investigator Program, earned his Ph.D. in the Institute of Medical Science, and was awarded a Masters of Public Health by Harvard University. He presently holds the positions of Associate Scientist at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, Associate Editor at the Canadian Medical Association Journal, and Assistant Professor of Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto.