Administrative Directory

Department of Medical Imaging
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
263 McCaul Street - 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1W7 Canada
Phone: 416-978-6801 | Fax: 416-978-6915

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Name Departmental Role
Dr. Alan Moody, MD FRCR FRCP
Ms. Janine Hubbard
Business Officer
Administrative support requests
Department Human Resources and Space Planning
Budgeting, forecasting and reporting
Expense reimbursements, invoices, faculty stipends
Oversight of Strategic Initiatives - Dependant Scholarship Forms
Name Departmental Role
Program Coordinator - Diagnostic Radiology Program
Diagnostic Radiology Electives
Application Inquiries
Academic Half Day
Rotation Scheduling
Letter Requests
OSCEs and Mock Orals
Diagnostic Radiology Training Verifications
Ms. Sarah Bakhit
Fellowship Program Assistant
Fellowship Applications
Fellowship Appointments and Reappointments
Administrative support for the Director, Fellowship Programs
Fellowship Training Verifications
Ms. Eileen Brosnan
Academic Appointments & Promotion Coordinator
Academic Appointments (Full Time, Part Time, Adjunct and Status Only)
CPSO Reviews (Academic Restricted Registration)
Continuing Faculty Appointment Review
Letters of support for Graduate and IMS Appointments, and Cross Appointments
Junior and Senior Promotions
Ms. Fiona Caprani
Education Programs Officer
Support for Education Executive
Learners in Difficulty
Learner Assessment of Clinical Training Reporting
Competence by Design Rollout
Ms. Alison Clute
Department Assistant
Meeting requests for Dr. Alan Moody
Administrative support for the Vice Chair, Continuing Professional Development portfolio
Administrative support for the Vice Chair, Clinical Practice Improvement portfolio
Administrative support for the Vice Chair, on Support, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity portfolio
Administration of the Continuing Medical Education program and administrative support to the Director, Continuing Medical Education
Mr. Gary Cronin
Communications and Strategic Planning Officer
Media Inquiries
Departmental Communications (website, weekly update, and newsletter)
Annual Reports & Strategic Priorities
Divisional Rounds
Support for Executive & Research Committee(s)
Ms. Sandra Hummel
Residency Program Assistant
Ms. Jennifer Morris
Education Programs Assistant
Administrative support for the Nuclear Medicine Residency Program
Administrative support for Undergraduate Programming and the Director, Undergraduate Medical Education
Administrative support for the Neuroradiology Residency and Fellowship Program
Mr. Rob Reedijk, MBA
Financial Officer - away on secondment