MiStats+ML (Machine Learning)

MiDATA’s supporting the development of AI solutions through the launch of the MiStats+ML working group.

The MiStats+ML working group represents the ideal blend of insight and expertise from the domains of statistics, medical imaging, and bioinformatics (machine learning). The team is composed of three aspects representing medical imaging, machine learning and statistical analysis:

  1. Medical Imaging: develops and tests experimental planning and image analysis tools as related to the investigation of developmental disorders and disease prevention.
  2. Machine Learning: assesses measurement reliability, conducts large-scale medical imaging analyses for the development of clinical diagnostic tests. Designs and trains image classification and regression algorithms. MiStats+ML is partnered with 16Bit for education, consultation, and commercialization.
  3. Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis: investigates finite mixture models, clustering and classification. Tests dynamic systems, applies simulations, numerical, topological and functional data analyses.

The MiStats+ML working group will support all department medical image-based research in all relevant domains.