OAR Canadian Bone Mineral Densitometry Physician Workstation CME 2019

Course Objectives: At the end of this event, participants should be able to:

Apply the OAR Canadian Bone Mineral Densitometry Reporting Standard to produce consistent BMD reports

• Discuss the critical importance of implementing the Canadian Association of Radiologists Technical Standards for Bone Mineral Densitometry Reporting 2013 to achieve standardization in reporting of examination results

• Explain how to use the CAR guidelines to avoid pitfalls in the reporting of DXA

• Explain the critical importance of accreditation to facilitate BMD reports that are accurate, easier to read and understand, and which provide the referring physician with a better understanding of the patient’s bone health

• Review and discuss how to use the CAR guidelines in the reporting of diagnostic category and 10-year absolute fracture risk, with emphasis on the appropriate use of NHANES III white female database for fracture risk determination

• Review and discuss the critical role of the imaging physician in monitoring the technologist’s performance of DXA

• Discuss the vital role of the medical physicist and assess and relate the importance of precision and apply the concept of least significant change (LSC) in determining the validity of any interval change in bone mass that may occur with changes in the patient’s health status, or as a response to treatment  

The CanMeds role being addressed in this course is medical expert.

Twenty Toronto Street
Sunday, June 9, 2019 (All day)
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