Women's Imaging Fellowship (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)

Supervisor: Dr. Carrie Betel

This 1-year fellowship includes breast, obstetric, and abdominal/gynecologic imaging at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre campus.

The duration of each rotation is flexible, depending on the interest and background of the candidate. These include:

6 months breast / 6 months OB/gyne & abdominal
4 months breast / 8 months OB/gyne & abdominal

The breast imaging rotation includes a high volume of screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI.  Imaging guided procedures include stereotactic and ultrasound guided core biopsies, vacuum-assisted biopsies, fine needle aspirations and pre-operative localizations. MRI-guided procedures include vacuum-assisted biopsies and pre-operative needle localizations. We maintain close ties with the medical biophysics department allowing many varied research opportunities to be available. 

The abdominal rotation includes gynecologic and abdominal imaging during ultrasound, CT and MRI rotations. In addition to a high diagnostic imaging volume of benign gynecologic disorders, oncology and trauma, fellows will be trained in imaging guided procedures including: hysterosonography, ultrasound and CT guided biopsies and abscess drainage.

The obstetric and perinatal rotation is flexible in duration and can be up to 2 days/week in duration, depending on the background of the candidate. This rotation takes place in a dedicated Obstetric Ultrasound department within Sunnybrook Hospital, which includes a multidisciplinary team and the opportunity to work closely with obstetricians. During this rotation the fellows will be exposed to both routine screening obstetrical ultrasound (including first trimester nuchal translucency screen, anatomic studies, and third trimester biophysical profile studies) as well as a high-risk referral population. Depending on the interest of the fellow, there is the opportunity to become involved with fetal MRI and neonatal imaging.

During the year, there are many educational and multidisciplinary rounds in all areas.

Fellows are given 1 full day/week of protected academic time and are required to complete and submit an academic paper by the end of the fellowship.  There are many interesting research opportunities available in breast, obstetrics, and abdominal imaging.

Positions available: 2 per year