Message from the Chair

Welcome to the New Department of Medical Imaging WebsitePhoto of Dr. Alan Moody

As I enter the second half of my 5-year term as chair I have come to increasingly recognise the importance of communication in everything we do in the University Department.  Without a central hub for the dissemination of news, achievements and changes within the department it becomes almost impossible to create the cohesion required for undertaking our academic mandate.  A refresh of the Department's website has been a high priority in order to achieve this and I am very pleased to be able to finally welcome you to the new site.  I think the layout is relatively intuitive and I encourage you to take a few minutes to take a look.  Everyone within the department is featured and if you see any errors or omissions regarding your profile, please let Gary (gary.cronin@utoronto.ca) know.  Similarly if you have suggestions for the website they would be much appreciated.  Over the last few years we have launched a number of initiatives and have more to come.  I am hoping that the website will act as the first point of contact for these projects to keep the Department informed of developments and you will use the site frequently to keep up with Department activities.