MiDATA - Data Science Unit.

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What to Do With All of MiDATA? The Department of Medical Imaging’s New Data Science Unit.

Bridging the gap between clinical expertise and the science of managing and analyzing medical imaging data is challenging. To provide direction for data management as well as the analysis and reporting of research findings, we are in the process of introducing a data science unit – MiDATA – offering users an environment geared towards a “soup to nuts” approach to medical imaging research methodology and statistics.  The Department of Medical Imaging of the University of Toronto is one of the largest in North America with faculty, residents and fellows based at nationally and internationally renowned hospitals conducting cutting edge clinical research in the greater Toronto area. The challenge of any successful research and educational program is bridging the “know-do” gap. The goal of MiDATA is to facilitate impactful research through the efficient and creative use of a mentored learning environment.

Our program is consists of three aspects: research education and mentorship, research project oversight, knowledge translation.

The two main areas of focus are: 

  1. statistics for medical research. 
  2. statistics for medical image feature analysis (supported by the MiDATA machine learning working group).

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