Vascular/Interventional Radiology Fellowship (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)

Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth David

This is a one year fellowship. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre has 400 acute and 650 chronic care beds. The hospital is on the same site as the Odette Cancer Centre and the Reichmann Research Institute. Sunnybrook houses the largest regional trauma centre in Canada.

Vascular work includes:

  • Interventional Oncology: transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), transarterial embolization (TAE), portal vein embolization, RFA assisted vertebroplasty and osteoplasty.
  • Angioplasty and stenting (iliofemoral, SVC and central veins, visceral, hemodialysis grafts and fistulae)
  • Embolotherapy: trauma, uterine fibroids, pre-operative (renal cell carcinoma, bone metastases, etc.), AV fistula side-branches, gonadal veins (varicoceles, pelvic congestion)
  • AV fistula/graft surveillance and intervention: thrombolysis, angioplasty, side-branch embolization
  • Uterine artery embolization
  • Pharmacologic and mechanical thrombolysis, including lungs (PE), lower extremity veins (DVT), hemodialysis grafts and fistulae
  • Caval filters
  • Transjugular liver biopsy
  • TIPS
  • Venous access: subcutaneous ports, dialysis lines, PIC lines, Hickman lines
  • Endocrine stimulation studies and venous sampling (adrenal vein sampling, pancreatic stimulation, etc.)

Non-vascular work includes:

  • Interventional Oncology: percutaneous tumour ablation (radiofrequency, microwave, ethanol)
  • Vertebroplasty and osteoplasty
  • Nephrostomies, antegrade stents
  • Feeding tubes (gastrostomies, gastrojejunostomies, primary jejunostomies)
  • Biliary drains and stents
  • GI stents: esophageal, duodenal, colorectal
  • Celiac and splanchnic plexus neurolysis
  • Fallopian tube recanalization
  • Cholecystostomies
  • Intraperitoneal port insertions (for IP chemotherapy)
  • Peritoneal dialysis catheter insertions
  • Pleural intervention

All non-neuro non-invasive cardiac and vascular imaging (CT and MR) is handled by the division. While the focus of this fellowship is invasive work, VIR fellows are also actively involved in reporting CTA and MRA.


  • Angiography: Three suites (Three Philips Allura units, one of which is biplane).
  • CT: four multi-detector GE scanners (three 64 slice machines, one 4 slice machine).
  • MR: three clinical MR scanners, (two GE 1.5 Tesla, one 3 Tesla). There are also two research GE MR units.