Student Testimonials

Faisal Budhani

During my time as a medical student, I had the opportunity to complete radiology electives at five different medical schools. After my elective in Toronto, I knew that it was my first choice to pursue residency training. U of T radiology residents are exposed to the largest and broadest volume of pathology in the country - we get to see rare diseases that residents in other schools only read about in textbooks!

The opportunity to work along side some of the most distinguished radiologists in the country has provided me with incredible learning opportunities. U of T residents are mentored by leading experts in all radiology subspecialties and have access to the most sophisticated imaging equipment and unparalleled research resources.

My time at U of T will allow me to become a competent radiologist with a breadth of clinical experience and provide the highest level of patient care. There’s no other program in the country that offers the same educational opportunities as the U of T Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program.

Ida Chan

I chose to come to U of T for the school’s history of academic excellence and incredible support for research. During my time here, I’ve had excellent teachers, many who will pull you aside just to show you an interesting patient case. I don’t think there’s any where else in Canada where a resident gets to see such cool cases.

One of my favorite parts of being a resident has been the opportunity to meet and get to know other radiology students. We’re a diverse group with a variety of backgrounds from the arts, sciences, and even business. I’ve met many friendly and supportive colleagues who challenge and motivate me to be a better radiologist.

I’d recommend the U of T Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program to anyone because of the dedicated teachers and large variety of work and material. I know that being a U of T student is helping me reach my goal to become an excellent radiologist with a solid background of knowledge that I will be able to continually build upon.

Alex Menard 

I chose to come to come to the U of T for the combination of the university’s academic reputation, opportunity for my wife, and the fact that Toronto is Toronto. The program director at the time phoned me directly to offer me an interview. As a shy French-Canadian from a small town, this left a lasting impression. 

I think my most memorable time as a resident was my first year, which I spent at Sunnybrook. It was hard work, but it was a pleasurable work environment and I had fantastic classmates. 90% of what I know today, I learned in that first year. 

My favorite rotation was in Interventional Radiology at St. Michael’s Hospital. The eight weeks of rotation flew by like it was only two hours. I felt there was a perfect balance between supervision and freedom. In fact, it’s the reason I’m doing a fellowship right now. 

You may not realize it until after you’ve graduated and moved on, but no other program opens doors like the U of T Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program.