Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Part 1
Strategic Plan Part 2

Over the last year since the launch of the Departmental strategic plan a number of the major programs within the plan have slowly been taking shape.  One of these is the Research goal of enhancing and supporting the departmental research structure and imaging research faculty to undertake research innovation, translation and mentoring.

One of the first aims was to strike a Research committee within the department which will aid in research strategic planning. Membership of the committee has been drawn from across the department and this is still a work in progress. Significant input will come from the leaders of the research groups for which there were calls for expressions of interest over the last year.

The Research Groups and the Associate Vice-Chairs and Directors heading them are as follows:

Brain Nerve Spine - Dr. Richard Aviv
Heart Lung Vessel - Dr. Narinder Paul
Growth Development Neoplasia - Dr. Laurent Milot
Injury Repair Inflammation - Dr. Andrea Doria
Innovation Translation Attrition - Dr. Naomi Matsuura
Radiomics/Quantitative Imaging - Dr. Masoom Haider

In order to kick-start the process, much of which will revolve around improving the communication between researchers across town through research meetings, the first of these meetings has been arranged for Thursday March 19th at 6pm at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St Michael's Hospital.