Radiomics/Quantifcation Imaging - Primary Members

Listed below are the Primary Members of the Radiomics/Quantification Imaging Research Group. Click on the members name to view the faculty profile page.

Name Rank & Institution

Mostafa Atri

Professor - JDMI

Errol Colak

Assistant Professor - St. Michaels Hospital

Masoom Haider 

Research Lead

Professor - Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

Tuula Kalliomaki

Assistant Professor - JDMI

Andrea Kassner

Associate Professor - The Hospital for Sick Children

Farzad Khalvati

Assistant Professor - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Ravi Menezes

Assistant Professor - JDMI

Ur Metser

Associate Professor - JDMI

Ravi Mohan

Assistant Professor - JDMI

Sidney Sussman

Lecturer - JDMI

Marshall Sussman

Assistant Professor - JDMI