Mi Research - Innovation Translation Attrition

Research Lead: Dr. Naomi MatsuuraMatsuuraNaomiforweb.jpg

The Innovation Translation Attrition (ITA) group is composed of creative radiologists and medical imaging scientists that are eager to invent and apply new, innovative medical imaging technologies and procedures to improve patient care. Through collaborations within and outside the department and by consolidating common resources within Medical Imaging, the ITA group aims to rapidly drive new ideas and inventions forward by removing barriers to innovation and translation to more efficiently solve relevant medical imaging problems.

List of ITA-funded research projects:

  • CE-MRI delayed enhancement of colorectal cancer liver metastases as a reflector of their histogenomic differences: A pilot study (PI: Laurent Milot)
  • Quantification of brain energy balance using TmDOTMA MR thermometry (PI: Chris Heyn)
  • 4D CT intravascular flow and vessel wall assessment (PIs: Joseph Barfett and Anna Zavodni)

Current collaborations:

In collaboration with all the Medical Imaging Research Groups and the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE), ITA has recently launched a new interdisciplinary platform, “Catapult Innovation.” This initiative aims to provide a forum for Medical Imaging and Engineering faculty to interact and communicate so that sustainable and long-term research partnerships between these complementary groups can begin. Towards this goal, the ITA group has hosted a general meeting, a hospital site visit and guest lectures to introduce Engineers to the real clinical problems encountered every day in the practice of Radiology and to expose Radiologists to new technological advances that can be applied to medical imaging. The ITA group is also implementing a program where Medical Imaging faculty can co-supervise 4th year Engineering undergraduate thesis projects with FASE professors to encourage Engineering students to pursue medical imaging-related research careers.

Future plans for the group:

ITA will deliver a hands-on grant-writing workshop in 2016 with the GDN group.

The ITA group will also host a workshop and a seminar series to kick-start interdisciplinary collaborations between Radiologists and basic scientists and engineers. Similar interdisciplinary initiatives with other faculties/institutes and a collaborative program with industry will be announced in 2016.