Mi Research - Heart Lung Vessel

Research Lead: Dr. Bernd Wintersperger

The Heart, Lung and Vessel (HLV) group is interested in development and advancement of programmatic research that spans across the continuum of cardiovascular and thoracic disease based on quantitative interrogation of medical images. This focus includes diseases that are specific to the heart, lung or vascular system and it encompasses pre-clinical and clinical imaging. The research focus also targets disease processes that are common to the spectrum of HLV disease such as: imaging of atherosclerotic plaque, development and evaluation of tissue perfusion algorithms; of ultrafast / ultralow dose imaging techniques and of texture analysis and radiomics features.

List of current grants:

OPToacoustic IMagIng of Methemoglobin (OPTIMIsM) (PI G Leung PhD)

Non-Invasive Assessment of Aortic Coarctation through Computational Fluid Dynamics (PI L Jimenez- Juan)

Texture Analysis of Sub-Solid Nodules: Can pathology be predicted? (PI E Nyugen)