Mi Research - Growth Development Neoplasia

Research Lead: Dr. Laurent MilotLaurent Milot.jpg

The Growth Development Neoplasia (GDN) group is composed of radiologists and imaging scientists with specific interest in development and cancer research. Their scope varies from quality driven initiatives to break-through novelty. A key word of our group is collaboration. Collaboration within and outside the group, within Imaging and outside of Imaging, as we are always stronger as a team! Mentorship, friendship and fun are key philosophical principles that will lead the way of our group, as research is mostly an opportunity, a chance, a passion and we should ensure that we enjoy it as what it truly is: this great escape of the mind, where one’s dream become another’s reality.

List of GDN-funded research projects:

·         Quantitative blood oxygenation level dependent (qBOLD) MRI for assessment of tumor hypoxia in glioblastoma multiforme: Validation with intra-operative measurement. (PI: Pejman Maralani)

·         MRI screening in Patients with previous Breast Cancer and >50% Breast Density: A Retrospective and Pilot Study (PI: Belinda Curpen)

·         An Exploration of the Natural History of Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease in Pregnant Obese Women (PI: Phyllis Glanc)

·         CE-MRI delayed enhancement of colorectal cancer liver metastases as a reflector of their histogenomic differences: A pilot study (PI: Laurent Milot)