Mi Research - Brain Nerve and Spine

Research Lead: Dr. Richard AvivAviv_0.png

The Brain Spine and nerve (BSN) group supports multisite collaborative research initiatives undertaken by researchers within the major University of Toronto affiliated teaching hospitals. Core laboratory facilities are housed at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center overseen by Dr Richard Aviv the associate vice chair and Dr Syed-Parsa Hojjat the core laboratory supervisor.

Since inception in 2015 BSN group has consulted with key stake holders and been developing and consolidating commonly used scripts and imaging pipelines to facilitate broader use across the network. Specifically, frameworks for optimal image segmentation, coregistration, user-independent region of interest overlay and functional imaging processing have been developed. The processes are being applied to a number of cross site research studies listed below. BSN is also materially supporting the successful implementation of the three current research programs by providing research co-ordinator time, financial and organizational assistance. 

Current research projects/programs:

  • Multisite study for prediction of early neurological deterioration in subarachnoid hemorrhage (PI Amanda Murphy and Aditya Bharatha)
  • MRI imaging of angiogenesis in primary brain tumor (PI Pejman Maralani)
  • Longitudinal study of quantitative MRI perfusion as surrogate marker of cortical disease severity and cognitive impairment in Multiple Sclerosis (PI Richard Aviv)

Current Collaborations:

BSN represents collaboration between Neuroradiologists, epidemiologists, Neurologists, Engineers and Medical physicists within the University of Toronto

Future plane for the group:

Future goals are to expand existing initiatives to all eligible sites and increase the scope and scale of supported BSN studies. Next year a competitive grant is proposed to stimulate increased multisite collaboration