Mi Research - Quantitation Biomarkers and Theranostics

Research Lead: Dr. Masoom Haider

HaiderMasoom.jpgOur group is interested in methodologies and translational research application of quantifiable measures obtained from medical images encompassing all images modalities and diseases. Fields of study may include but are not limited to acquistion protocols and standards, image processing pipelines, feature analysis, deep learning, texture analysis, radiologic-genomic and proteomic correlates, theranostics, application of imaging biomarkers to personalized medicine for treatment modulation and outcome prediction

List of current grants:

A Computer Platform for Cancer Risk Stratification via Quantitative Radiomics and Deep Learning - Dr. Farzad Khalvati (Assistant Professor - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)

List of Current Primary Members
List of Secondary Members 

Future plans for the research group, include a seminar on radiomics and continued Discovery grant competitions.