Cardiothoracic Fellowship (MSH-UHN-WCH)

Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship

Joint Department of Medical Imaging
(University Health Network, Mount Sinai Hospital, Women's College Hospital)

Supervisor: Dr. Mini Pakkal & Dr. TaeBong Chung

50:50 Cardiothoracic 1-Year Fellowship 

There are 2 positions within our cardiothoracic division to complete a 50:50 split cardiothoracic fellowship in a one-year period. One of these 2 positions will start with cardiac for the first 6 months and then chest for the subsequent 6 months. The other 50:50 cardiothoracic position will start with 6 months of chest then 6 months of cardiac. During the cardiac portion of the fellowship, the fellow will be exposed to a high volume of cardiac MR, cardiac CT and some echo cases. This training will be sufficient to allow a fellow to achieve a minimum of level II training in cardiac imaging and possibly level III training depending on the motivation and work ethic of the fellow. During the chest fellowship, there is ample opportunity to perform lung biopsies as well as be exposed to all aspects of thoracic imaging such as lung transplant, interstitial lung disease and oncology imaging.