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Content Courtesy of UT Faculty of Medicine - Post Graduate Wellness Office

Supporting wellness — emotional and physical — is an essential element in fostering the high performing, respectful and sustainable community we seek in the Faculty of Medicine.

Some of us are on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. Some are in the background, trying to keep our health system operating at peak efficiency. Others struggle with feeling sidelined, doing their part by remaining home to reduce community spread, yet wanting to find other ways to help. Wherever we find ourselves, we are united by a desire to respond to the pandemic. But for all of us that desire is accompanied by stresses and strains. These are unique to each person and each situation, but they are real and we can’t simply push our way through them or pretend they don’t exist.

Below is a variety of resources to help manage our wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faculty of Medicine Initiatives
Resource Support Line  |  Webinars | Wellness @ the Faculty

Individual Support 
Emotional Support / Therapists  |  Distress Support Domestic Violence  |  Self Check-ins / Evaluations

Group Supports
Faculty & Students  |  Residents / Fellows | Medical Students 

Instrumental / Logistical
Childcare and Supporting Children. |  Groceries. |  Housing. |  Pet Care

Educational Resources / Articles 
ECHO Ontario  |  Managing Anxiety  |  Decreasing Social Isolation  |  Leadership. |  Physical & Mental Health for Health Care Workers. |  General

Faculty of Medicine Initiatives

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This is a difficult time for us all. Your job, your home, your family responsibilities and your usual wellness routines are all disrupted as a result of COVID 19. Support and resources exist and are being revised and created regularly as the pandemic progresses. 

The Faculty Resource Navigation line
M-F 12:30pm-8:30pm 

From who to call if you need groceries or pet care, to resources for emotional support, our goal is to help you find the support that you require at this time.  If we don't have the answer to your question we will do the research for you and get back to you, so that you can focus on your other responsibilities.

Requests are confidential. This service is available to all Faculty members at the University of Toronto.

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For more information and resources please click here https://medicine.utoronto.ca/wellness-resources-faculty