Undergraduate Research Project Supervisors

Listed below are Staff Radiologists Willing to Supervise Medical Student Research Projects. 

Medical students interested in pursuing medical imaging research may reach out to anyone of these faculty via the email provided

Name Hospital Division Email
Binita Chacko Sunnybrook Cardiothoracic binita.chacko@sunnybrook.ca
George Koshy Chiramel Sickkids Vascular Interventional Radiology georgekoshy.chiramel@sickkids.ca
Birgit Ertl-Wagner Sickkids Pediatric Neuroradiology birgitbetina.ertl-wagner@sickkids.ca
Sangeet Ghai JDMI Abdominal sangeet.ghai@uhn.ca
Mary-Lousie Greer Sickkids Body Imaging mary-louise.greer@sickkids.ca
Masoom Haider JDMI Abdominal  mahaider@radfiler.ca
Kate Hanneman JDMI Cardiothoracic kate.hanneman@uhn.ca
Kartik Jhaveri JDMI Abdominal kartik.jhaveri@uhn.ca
John Kachura JDMI Vascular Interventional Radiology john.kachura@uhn.ca
John Kavanagh JDMI Cardiothoracic john.kavanagh@uhn.ca
Korosh Khalili JDMI Abdominal korosh.khalili@uhn.ca
Chris Lam  Sickkids Cardiac/Body christopher.lam@sickkids.ca
Raymond Lawlor Sunnybrook Vascular Interventional Radiology raymond.lawlor@sunnybrook.ca
Sebastian Mafeld JDMI Vascular Interventional Radiology SebastianCharles.Mafeld@uhn.ca
Danny Mandell JDMI Neuroimaging danny.mandell@uhn.ca
Pejman Maralani Sunnybrook Neuroimaging pejman.maralani@sunnybrook.ca
Ur Metser JDMI Abdominal ur.metser@uhn.ca
David Mikulis JDMI Neuroimaging david.mikulis@uhn.ca
Alan Moody Sunnybrook Cardiothoracic alan.moody@sunnybrook.ca
Elsie Nguyen JDMI Cardiothoracic elsie.nguyen@uhn.ca
Mini Pakkal JDMI Cardiothoracic mini.pakkal@uhn.ca
Vitor Pereira JDMI Neuroimaging vitor.pereira@uhn.ca
Sadia Qamar Sunnybrook Emergency/Trauma sadia.qamar@sunnybrook.ca
Dheeraj Rajan JDMI Vascular Interventional Radiology dheeraj.rajan@uhn.ca
Gauri Rani Karur JDMI Cardiothoracic Gauri.RaniKarur@uhn.ca
Patrik Rogalla JDMI Abdominal patrik.rogalla@uhn.ca
Eran Shlomovitz JDMI Vascular Interventional Radiology eran.shlomovitz@uhn.ca
Kongteng Tan JDMI Vascular Interventional Radiology kongteng.tan@uhn.ca
Patrick Veit-Haibach JDMI Abdominal/Molecular Imaging  patrick.veit-haibach@uhn.ca
Lawrence White JDMI Musculoskeletal  lawrence.white@sinaihealth.ca
Bernd Wintersperger JDMI Cardiothoracic bernd.wintersperger@uhn.ca


JDMI (Joint Department of Medical Imaging) - UHN, Mount Sinai Hospital and Women's College