Department of Medical Imaging Research Grants

Alumni Research Award

The Alumni Research Award provides a financial award to junior clinical faculty in the department as a stimulus to initiate and carry out a research project. The nature and scope of the research must be relevant to medical imaging, including clinical imaging, imaging education, basic science, physics and applied technology relevant to medical imaging (either radiology or nuclear medicine). The project should be completed within a time frame of one to two years. 

For more information see the Award Guidelines.

Past Winners

Year Recipient Site Project Title
2016 Dr. Ravi Mohan JDMI Quantitative Metrics for Real Time Evaluation of Competency
2015  Dr. Pejman Maralani Sunnybrook  

Developing and evaluating the performance of an automated computer-aided detection Software for the follow-up of metastatic brain tumours 

2014  Dr. Sapna Rawal JDMI  

The impact of angiographic and perfusion imaging utilization on clinical outcome in subarachnoid hemorrhage

2013  Dr. Mia Skarpathiotakis Sunnybrook  Evaluating the role of DBT in improving the specificity of screening MRI in high risk patients for breast cancer
2012 Dr. Laura Jiménez-Juan Sunnybrook Ultra-low Dose CT Pulmonary Angiography
2011 Dr. Sebastian Ley UHN Comprehensive MRI in patients presenting with acute chest pain

  **Deadline for Applications:  May 10 2019**

Mergelas Family Graduate Student Award

The Mergelas Family Graduate Student Award was established by Dr. James Mergelas and Family and is an endowed scholarship in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Imaging. The award supports a resident in the Clinical Investigator Program (CIP), registered for either a Masters or PhD program.

Past winners

2014 - Dr. Navneet Singh (PGY3)
2013 - Dr. Helen Cheung (PGY3)
2012 - Dr. Michael Da Rosa (PGY3)