Applications and Guidelines


Applications and Guidelines for the Appointment of Trainees

Residents are selected through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) and the University of Toronto Program will conform to deadlines published by CaRMS. 

For more information contact CaRMS at: Carms.png
171 Nepean Street, Suite 300
Ottawa, ON K2P 0B4 
telephone: (613) 237-0075 or (877) CARMS-42
fax: (613) 563-2860 

Selection Process for CaRMS Applicants

Selection Criteria 
• Candidates should have an above average academic record. 
• Three references - one from a radiologist. 
• A personal letter. 
• Interview. 

Potential applicants are advised to take an elective in radiology for a better understanding of the scope and demands of the specialty. It is not necessary to take the elective at the University of Toronto, although this does allow an applicant an opportunity to become acquainted with the Toronto program. It is not required or necessarily advised to devote all electives to Radiology. A broad exposure to clinical specialties is preferred. 


An interview with the program director, faculty representatives and residents on the Selection Committee is mandatory. Candidates considered for interview will be contacted in December to schedule a mutually agreeable time. We rank only those applicants we have interviewed. Interview dates are co-ordinated with other Canadian radiology programs and will be announced in October. 

Personal Letter

A personal letter is mandatory, summarizing the candidate's background, achievements, interests and reasons for applying to radiology and to the University of Toronto program. 

Reference Letters

References should be obtained from clinicians who have worked directly with the applicant and who can attest to the applicant's knowledge, skills and attitude. One should be from a radiologist with whom the student has spent elective time. Late references will be accepted until mid-December.